Pan's Labyrinth Motion Graphics

This was a motion graphics school project based on the movie Pan's Labyrinth. I researched about the film to created a color palette and a visual identity for the motion graphics I would produce.

The film title was developed in After Effects to achieve; 2.5D paralax, puppet movements, and transitions effects.

Visual Identity and research for film title

Mapping Sounds


I got a chance to work with fellow-educators to create a sound map project. There were 13 educators who recorded sounds of 2  separate schools. I had the idea of creating a website with all sounds together in a map. 
The issues: My limited knowledge in coding with javascript.
The solutions: Found someone else doing something similar with MapMaker
Lets make this look even cooler. Found this Snazzymap website that features map themes for google maps. 
Then I took the code in Brackets and created a simple HMTL body. Enjoy! :)

Full website here

Simple Google Map

The Sound Project

The Sound Project App. I created this project after learning how to swipe in Unity3D. The project asked us to create any app that uses this swipe function. Since I am a fan of sounds and music, I decided to create an app that features several ambient sounds with a supplementary image of the setting. At this point, the swipe feature does not look its best using Unity3D. I am hoping to learn how to animate a transition between pages. 

The Rotation Project

Here is the first project I created in my App design class using Unity3d. Our professor gave us one javascript file that rotated a "sprite" in our document. A lot of the students created simple PNGs that rotated separately. But, I wanted to create an aesthetic with all the rotating objects together.

Static design created in Photoshop. To get a sense of the overall aesthetics. 

One issue I had was that the rotation in Photoshop was not working right with the fade. What I had to do is copy the circle with no fill and a very dim white stroke to match with all the other axis. (Shown below)

Interactive Short Game

Short app created with Unity3D using their animation features. I built a small moving gif of the character "Boo" from Super Marios. Catch it if you can!

Gangs and Education

An action research project on juvenile gang members in educational institutions. The issue is that the students in gangs are seen differently to begin with; from security to teachers and staff. Students in gangs are being mistreated instead of guided. I interviewed 3 people in this project: Manny, a student in a gang who at the time was in his fourth year in high school; David Stovall, a professor at University of Illinois - Chicago; and Giovanni Guerrero, a teacher and program coordinator at an alternative high school in Chicago.